All the purchases that you make in https://grattitude.es/ are subject to the conditions set out below: Prices: All prices displayed in our online store https://grattitude.es/ include the current Value Added Tax of 21 VAT. In the event that your order does not exceed these amounts mentioned, our website will calculate the amount that you will have to pay for freight and will add it to your invoice, in this way when placing the order you will already know the total that you have to pay. Delivery times: 1 to 2 weeks Payment methods: For your convenience, we have arranged several payment methods: - Credit / Debit Card (VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Affinity Card) - Paypal - Wire transfer Invoices in the name of your company: When filling out your shopping cart, you must indicate if the purchase is at a private or company level, and in the event that the purchase is for your company, you will be asked for the fiscal data of the same. 1. Objective The current conditions of sale (hereinafter, "Conditions of sale") regulate the agreement between the company Grattitude with address at Carrer 8 de Març, 5. PD Alcudia Industrial 165 (A) - Alcudia 03820 Cocentaina (Alicante) Spain, duly registered with the Mercantile Registry and the client (from now on named "Client") who formalized through the website https://grattitude.es/ (from now on named "Website") for the acquisition of products . 2. Contracting procedure 2.1. Eligibility to buy To be able to place an order through the Website, the Client must be of legal age (over 18 years) and must be the final client. Minors are expressly excluded. If the Client is not registered, the Client will automatically register as such in the https://grattitude.es/ system. 2.2. How to order To place an order through the Website you must follow these steps: 1. Choose the products you want using our filters and add them to "The shopping cart". 2. Checkout. 3. Enter the delivery and payment information. 4. Choose the payment method and click on "Submit order". By clicking the "Send order" button on the order form, the Client fully and unreservedly accepts all the Conditions of sale that appear on the Website at the time of contracting. 5. Make the payment by selecting one of the options allowed in this document. 6. If the payment is authorized, the customer will receive a confirmation of receipt of the order at the email address specified in our form. Except in the circumstances described in Sections 2.3 and 2.4 below, this confirmation constitutes acceptance by Grattitude of the Customer's order and constitutes a binding contract between the Customer and Grattitude. It is recommended that the Customer print and / or keep a copy of the Conditions of Sale when placing the order. A copy of the receipt confirmation will be sent to the Customer's email address. We recommend that you print or download a copy for future reference. Grattitude may change the Conditions of Sale at any time, without prior notice to the Customer. If an order is canceled for any reason, Grattitude will refund (if applicable) the value of the order. Shipping costs are never refunded, except in certain circumstances or changes to the Website. In addition, when the Client has received a confirmation of receipt from Grattitude of her order, the Conditions of sale applicable to it cannot be changed. 2.3. Availability of products The completion of an order through the Website is subject to the availability of the garments. Grattitude tries to guarantee the stock of all the clothes that are for sale. If the ordered product is not available or if its stock has been exhausted, the Client will be informed by email and the amount paid will be refunded within 30 days of payment. 2.4. Grattitude's right to cancel or not accept an order Grattitude reserves the right to reject any order, cancel it or not accept a confirmed order for, among others, the following reasons: A technical or pricing error occurred on the Website when the order was placed. The product listed in the order is not available. The payment information provided was incorrect or unverifiable. Security systems indicate that the order is anomalous or may be fraudulent. There are reasons that indicate that the Client is a minor (under 18 years old). Grattitude has not been able, after 3 attempts, to deliver the order to the address provided. If the payment is by bank transfer and Grattitude has not received payment confirmation. If an order is canceled for any of the above reasons, Grattitude will refund (if applicable) the value of the order. Shipping costs are never reimbursed except in certain circumstances. 2.5. Vdata verification Before processing an order placed by the Client, Grattitude may verify the data thereof. This may mean verifying the address and creditworthiness of the Client and whether there may be any fraud involved. Regarding possible fraud, Grattitude can use a partially automatic verification of all purchases to filter those that are considered anomalous or suspicious and those suspected of fraud. Orders suspected of fraud will be investigated, and the Client may be reported to the relevant authorities, who may take action against the Client. 3. Price and payment 3.1. Prices and currency The prices and offers presented on the Website include VAT (Value Added Tax) and are only valid for orders placed online through the Website. These prices and offers may not match those available in Grattitude stores worldwide. The prices are shown in euros. 3.2. Way to pay To pay the order, the Customer can use the payment methods set out above. The charge will be made after order confirmation. 3.3. Price changes The prices that appear on the Website are subject to change. Grattitude reserves the right to change prices without prior notice. However, upon receipt of the order confirmation from Grattitude, the prices to be paid for said order will not be changed. Grattitude informs you that despite meticulous updates to the prices of the Website, they may contain errors. All pricing errors will be corrected promptly and will not be binding on Grattitude. 3.4. Value Added Tax To comply with the applicable VAT according to the rules on distance selling, deliveries will be considered to be made in the Member State that appears in the delivery address. In this way, all purchases made through the Website will be subject to VAT. VAT will be applied at the legal percentage in force in the Member State where the goods of a specific order will be delivered. Customers from outside the territories where VAT is applied: according to Grattitude's VAT policy, VAT will be charged to customers in that shopping area who make the purchase through the Website when placing the order. 4. Delivery 4.1. Delivery: Where and when Deliveries are made from Monday to Friday within the national territory and according to the stipulated working hours of delivery in each European country. No deliveries are made on weekends or during local holidays. Deliveries are made during office hours. Therefore, to facilitate deliveries, Customers are asked to use their work addresses or other addresses where there is someone who can receive the package. 4.2. Delivery term 1 to 2 weeks Usually the delivery deadline is met and, although Grattitude cannot guarantee punctuality. Once the order has been sent, the Client receives a notification email with the estimated delivery date. 4.3. Verification upon receipt The Customer must verify the status of the package upon receipt. If the packaging is damaged, the Customer must not accept the delivery. The amount of the purchase and shipping costs will be reimbursed to the Customer when the warehouse has processed and returned the products. Grattitude advises that delivery must be verified within a reasonable period of time after receipt. In the event that no rejection of the products has been received within 30 days of delivery, Grattitude will consider that the Customer has accepted it. This does not affect the Customer's right to return or exchange an order as set out in Section 6 below. 5. Shipping costs Shipping costs apply to each order. The exact costs of each order depend on the country of receipt. Delivery rates vary depending on the volume of the order and are calculated automatically before making the payment. Shipping costs will be different depending on the location to which the order is placed and the amount of weight of the order. It will always be shown and confirmed first to the user before making the payment. 6. Returns The client must first contact Grattitude Customer Service. Through the e-mail administracion@grattitude.es and follow the instructions of our customer service staff. 7. Conditions applicable to promotional codes 7.1. When promotional codes are used according to their terms and conditions, they apply to a single discount on the purchase of a single product or a discount on an order in the period indicated by the promotional code. 7.2. Promotional codes are personal and non-transferable. They can only be used for purchases made on the Website. The Customer cannot sell, trade or assign promotional codes. Promo code cannot be uploaded or displayed to through websites or other means to make public offers, gifts, sales or other exchanges. Promo codes cannot be used for commercial purposes. 7.3. Only one promotional code can be used per order. Promo codes cannot be combined with any other special offers or promotions. 7.4. Promo codes cannot be exchanged for money. 7.5. Grattitude is under no obligation to reissue or refund promotional codes. However, if Grattitude decides at its own discretion to reissue or return promotional codes, it would be necessary to present the Customer's promotional code. For this reason, the Customer should always keep a copy of the promotional code, without which it could not be reissued or returned. 7.6. Grattitude reserves the right to cancel a promotional code immediately if it suspects that it is used in violation of any of the above conditions, is used in any wrong way, or if it has a compelling reason to cancel it. 8. Validity of the offers (Promotional offers) 8.1. Promotional offers displayed on the Website to increase the sale of certain products are only valid while they appear on the Website, unless otherwise specified on the Website. 9. Responsibility 9.1. These Conditions of Sale establish all the obligations and responsibilities of Grattitude regarding the supply of products. There are no guarantees, conditions or other terms that are binding on Grattitude, except for those expressly mentioned in the Conditions of Sale. 9.2. Subject to clause 9.4, the maximum joint liability of the parties to each other in all claims of any kind or related to these Conditions of Sale, whether in the contract, warranty, condition, tort, strict liability, law or otherwise. form, it will be limited to the amount paid to Grattitude for the product in question. 9.3. Subject to clause 9.4, in no case, whether as a consequence of the breach of the contract, guarantee, condition, injury, strict liability, law or otherwise, neither party will be liable to the other for any special damage, resulting, incidental or direct. 9.4. Nothing in these Terms of Sale limits or excludes Grattitude's liability for (i) death or personal injury caused by Grattitude's negligence, (ii) fraud, (iii) any breach of obligations that imply current national laws or (iv) any liability that cannot be excluded by law. Protection of personal data Clients are informed that their personal data will be included in files owned by Grattitude for commercial purposes, client-related management advertising and commercial prospecting, including the sending (by mail, email or other electronic means) of related commercial messages. with the products, services, offers, promotions and news related to the Grattitude company. For purposes directly related to the processing of personal data, the Client's personal data may be transmitted to the Grattitude company, which may be located outside the European Economic Area (EEA), including countries that do not have a comparable level of data protection. . Grattitude, and any third party to whom Grattitude transmits personal data, will take and maintain technical and organizational security measures that are adequate and sufficient to avoid the processing of personal data that involves the breach of: (a) these Conditions of sale or the laws of applicable data protection; and (b) any accidental loss, destruction, or damage to personal data. Applicable legislation Purchases made through the Grattitude website and under these Sales Conditions are subject to Spanish law. Competent jurisdiction Any dispute or discrepancy that arises from the application or interpretation of the Conditions of sale, as well as the contracts it incorporates, will be resolved in the courts of the city where the company is authorized. City that will have exclusive jurisdiction over any other jurisdiction. However, if the Client enjoys the status of consumer according to Spanish Law for the defense of consumers and users, the competent courts will be those of the consumer's place of residence in Spain.

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